Top Reasons to Use Bicycle Lights Night and Day

There are many reasons we believe you should have a front and rear light on blinking at all times on the bike, in the end, it is safety and keeping you intact on your bike.

Reasons to Use Front and Rear Blinky Lights All The Time

  • Top Reasons to Use Bicycle Lights Night and DayI have personally been left hooked in a major intersection and fully believe a front light would have made the old man see me
  • Make yourself easier to spot
  • It makes cars more aware of you, and the space around you. In my experience with a rear blinky light, it seems cars give you more space as they pass.
  • Create a habit to turn on your lights
  • Why not??


We love a lot of lights but the 3 main lights we recommend are Trek Flash R, Planet Bike Super Flash USB, and almost anything from Light and Motion.

Expanding Your Knowledge

We will continue to write tips and reviews on bike lights and you can also read other city and family biking tips here. Weigh in with your opinions and favorite lights below!


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