NE Denver Deserves Better Bike Lanes


Do you want better biking options in NE Denver? Get involved to ask for protected bike lanes and sign our form:

Denver Public Works presented design plans for bike and intersection improvements on the Syracuse Corridor from Stapleton to Lowry on Feb 2, 2019. This was the first public engagement since Sept 2017. See the Denver Public Works plan.

They took very little of the public’s feedback into these final designs and their design plans presented at this meeting were lackluster. In some areas, it is simply a painted bike lane, and in a few stretches, they are adding in a buffer. In all cases, cyclists are positioned between parked cars and cars moving between 30 & 40 MPH. This paint will not encourage new people to ride this stretch of road. This stretch could be critical for NE Denver to move people out of cars between Stapleton and Lowry, Ashley Elementary, and Swigert International, but also connecting the A-Line at Central Park Blvd to the new Bus Rapid Transit that will be coming to Colfax Blvd.

I apologize in the vertical video but these videos were originally posted on Instagram stories as I did a ride of the Syracuse corridor.

A couple great stats to include on why protected bike lanes work: National Institute for Transportation and Communities – The average protected bike lane sees bike counts increase 75 percent in its first year alone. In addition from the same institute, they found the 80 percent of people who live near a protected bike lane project believe it increased safety on the street.

Get involved to ask for protected bike lanes and sign our form:

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