We are Making Denver Biking More Inviting

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Our biking platform was created to be part of the solution to make biking more inviting in Denver. We live in a city with hundreds of miles of bike paths, bike lanes, and slow side streets that make for an amazing bike network. We also have a very strong sub-culture of cycling as a sport where lycra is required for every ride and people don’t leave their house without a data tracking device. Our goal is to make biking something obtainable and easy to try for anyone. Your bike doesn’t have to be a status symbol or hobby, it can be a simple way to get to good food or your children’s school.

How do we plan on doing this?

We have a 4 step process on how we are rolling out Bike Here to the Denver market and beyond.

  1. Identify and document everyday bike rides to top destinations on low-stress routes.
  2. Visiting and reviewing bike shops. Telling you what they are good for and who they may not be for.
  3. Listing social and casual bike events where climbing a mountain isn’t your goal.
  4. Working with local bike shops and advocacy groups to host social bike rides and workshops to show beginners how to get started and the beautiful community that biking can build.

First, a Pilot Program

Working with a local Stapleton transit management group, Northeast Transportation Connections, and Stapleton Foundation, we have launched a pilot program showing 4 of the best bike rides to Stanley Marketplace. This pilot started in September during the CherryArts Festival at Stanley and officially “ended” at the beginning of November. We’ve had over 1,200 people engage with our recommended bike routes to Stanley during the pilot, met with dozens of stakeholders including business owners, employers, and government groups to hear what they needed out of our platform to promote it to their personal network. We are currently wrapping up our data and relaunching the platform with new features and functionality.

Hint, if you are reading this then you are on the new version of our platform!

Next Steps for Bike Here

Through the winter of 2017-18, we are growing our network of recommended Denver bike routes and bike shops. We will soon be rolling out an article on the criteria we are looking for in routes and shops so that you can submit your own! If you have recommendations, for now, please contact us.


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