A couple of Sundays ago my wife and I planned to head out on a date night to “Lower Highlands” near downtown Denver, Colorado. We live in east Denver (Stapleton) and thought we would ride bikes over to the train, bring the bikes on the train, and then bike the mile or so to dinner.

Sounds great, but then we missed our train by a few minutes and this commuter train only runs every 30 minutes on a Sunday night. We quickly discussed and decided. We had 45 minutes to get to dinner and riding back home to get in the car sounded boring. This decision was solely made because we were borrowing a couple Gazelle Medeo electric-assist bikes from my bike shop and knew that we could probably get to dinner faster by biking than driving.

The decision of biking was probably the best one of the night. While dinner at el Five was wonderful, the casual (yet quick) ride with my wife was exactly the recharge we needed from the night out together. After dinner, we even opted to ride home instead of taking the train. The bikes are equipped with lights and fenders, and I always have a helmet light mounted to my head, so we took the long way home by bike path. The Super Bowl had ended the same time as our dinner and it seemed safer to be on a bike path instead of the streets with drinking football fans.

Electric Bike Night Riding

The date night was a great reminder that is no matter where you are going, it is probably best to BIKE HERE.

Our Date Night Bike Route

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