Burley Travoy : For Women and Parents

Over at Commute By Bike I have been reviewing a Burley Travoy, a cargo trailer system.    While we are still going through the review process and haven’t put it fully through its paces, I can the trailer does all it says it does and more.

My encouragement is for women to use a trailer system to expand their current bikes capacity.  One of the biggest issues I’ve always had with putting racks and bags on a daily ridden bike is that your bike weight to people weight ratio becomes very skewed.  Especially for smaller women and men that ride a 51cm or below size bike.   Permanently adding 3-4 lbs to your bike can really affect the handling and high speed stability.   Yes, the Travoy is heavier than your average rack system but you can easily take the trailer off when you aren’t using it.    In the video above you can see I attached the trailer to a full carbon road bike.  Carrying that amount of weight on a bike such as this was never possible before, but now it is done quickly!

Other than child trailers, have any of you used a trailer for cargo/groceries and such?


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  • Tracey
    March 11, 2015 at 1:15 pm

    I have used my Burley Travoy on an upright hybrid, touring bike and a road bike, all with success. I use it for grocery shopping and cycle camping. I have used the trailer alone or with the hitch mounted on a rack so that I could use front & rear panniers along with a handlebar bag without any trouble. I like using the Travoy by itself when I cycle camp alone as I can remove the trailer easily and take it with me when getting supplies or going on a ferry. That way, I don’t worry about my stuff getting stolen. I have the market bags, rain cover and duffle bag. I only wish the duffel bag had sections in it as it has a full length zipper and that works make it easier to find stuff in it when the trailer is still attached as stuff slides down. With panniers and the trailer, I have shopped and loaded 122# on it without a problem. My touring bike is Cannondale T2 2010 and it looks to be fully loaded whereas my new steel road bike is better with the trailer and no panniers. Road bike is a Norco Indie Drop 2. I am a female bike rider of the larger size, but ride a lot. My trailer has only had tubes replaced because I blew them up with a new compressor. It’s got about 8,500 kms on it. I am going to buy a 2nd one as a back up, in case they ever stop making them.

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