UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not. – Dr. Seuss

Oh hi, I’m Arleigh aka Bike Shop Girl. Welcome to Bike Here!

The Short Story

In 2018, after running a successful website “Bike Shop Girl” focused on getting more women and families on bikes, I opened Bike Shop Girl Family Cyclery in Aurora, Colorado with the goal of getting more families and kids on bikes. Soon after opening the bike shop, two major city and family cycling websites closed down. I realized that while I opened a bike shop to help get local families on bikes there was a large void internationally online for experienced reviews and tips on city and family biking to help tell the story of daily life by bike. 

From city skids, rising early for road rides with headlights beaming, going car-free, family biking adventures, to coffee outside, we are empowering daily life by bike.

The Long Story

In the late 90s, I started blogging before it was blogging. I would manually update the HTML of my online journal from a computer in my high school library. Over the years I was able to be a tester for LiveJournal, Blogger, and then WordPress. This experience along with the love of social media led me to amazing work opportunities in marketing agencies and bike brand management. While my career direction seemed to change every 2-3 years, I was always passionate about sharing my experiences of life and biking online. For several years in early 2000s, I ran and then owned CommuteByBike.com before being hit by a car and selling commutebybike in order to purchase a car and pay my medical bills (ironic). Around that time I started a website, Bike Shop Girl, to empower women in cycling. I had come to learn after working in the bike industry for almost 8 years at that time, there weren’t many women on the frontlines in bike shops helping women, so I sat out to document and review products to help women that didn’t have good local bike shops or product selection nearby. Bike Shop Girl grew, as did my life and family over the following 10 years. After having 2 kids and falling in love with cargo biking, it became very obvious that the same gap that I saw in women’s cycling in 2008 was also prevalent for family cycling so in 2018 our family opened up Bike Shop Girl Family Cyclery in a suburb of Denver, Colorado. The goal of my bike shop is to get more families and kids on bikes.

Now, picture me literally in the midst of the build out of my bike shop in the fall of 2018. Overalls, sanders, and chop saws (hooray). I get word that the two primary cycling publications that focus on city and family biking are shutting down. Internally I start freaking out. My background in marketing was making many warning bells sound, a niche bike shop like mine needs media and influencers to help create interest and show people the lifestyle of family biking. A bike shop by nature is at the end of a customer’s journey, we are where you go when you have enough interest to take the time out of your busy life to ask questions and test ride bikes. Who was going to be the influencer and media outlet that would help people searching online in their pajamas, or that mom trying to find the perfect first pedal bike for their child when most of them aren’t available at local bike shops?! It sounds silly typing this all but the representation, stories, and curated information of family and city biking is critical to growing this movement.

Enter Bike Here

Daily life by bike is an amazing thing and comes in so many forms. Whatever type of biking you choose, I think we can all agree that life is always better when you Bike Here.

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