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We are a small startup in Denver, Colorado with a passion for getting more people on bikes. Our founder, Arleigh Greenwald, is best known for her wildly popular voice as Bike Shop Girl. After running a women’s cycling specific site for 8 years while running bike shops, and working in bike advocacy she came to understand that the general problems of getting more women riding weren’t unique to women. Biking and the culture of biking in the United States is intimidating.

Arleigh took her experience as a user researcher and analyst, pulled together some smart friends, and started to dig into what was really keeping people from riding. How could cities like Portland or Minneapolis that has less than desirable weather get more people to ride in the winter than places like Atlanta?

Here’s what we found and how we hope to be part of the solution.

The Problem of Starting to Bike

After thousands of user surveys, here are the clear problems we uncovered that are keeping people from biking.

  1. There is a distinct division between people that are “avid” cyclists and the beginner or casual recreational rider. An even harsher line is drawn between what the bike industry is selling and what we need to be doing to get more butts on bikes.
  2. The culture of cycling is intimidating and typically tailored to the avid rider instead of getting more people to look at bikes as a tool to navigate a community like you do a car or Uber.
  3. The beginner / casual rider doesn’t know where to go and doesn’t feel safe figuring it out on their own.

The Bike Here Solution

We are showing people that biking is enjoyable and accessible. We are making biking about the experience it creates and not about the culture or “lifestyle”.

How do we do this?

  1. We are building an inviting hub for non-cyclists to get into the habit of choosing their bike over a car. This includes resources, reviews, and our unique bike experience directory.
  2. We are creating and documenting handpicked low-stress bike routes with a focus on biking to top destinations.
  3. We are personally visiting bike shops, and bike companies to provide honest reviews on who those shops and companies are for.
  4. We are working with businesses and community hubs to connect directly with people to help them find safe ways to “Bike Here”.

Testing in Denver and Expanding to the US

Our goals are to use Denver as our test market and expand into target cities in summer of 2018. You can learn more about our pilot program here.


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